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VOLUTE SERVICE International

Exclusively dedicated to orchestral string instruments 
and their accessories


Export Sales &
Marketing Assistance

Volute Service is dedicated to quality orchestral string instruments and provides an interface between manufacturers/distributors and their users worldwide. We mostly assist brands with

  • gaining international visibility and recognition

  • optimizing their product management

  • carrying their musician outreach

You are an upper string player, discomfort or pain limits your playing pleasure … Could it be about your chin/shoulder rest set-up?


You are a musician and want to address playing tension and pain BEFORE they become injury? You are right!! Let's talk about it.


My three passions in life are music, sports and photography. As an athlete and then as an avid amateur violist/violinist, I have long been intrigued by optimizing movement as a way to optimize performance.


The discovery of Body Mapping in 2013 has greatly influenced my wish to deepen my understanding of how we treat our body when doing what we love best ... and how far we are allowed to abuse it until it breaks!


For an athlete or for a musician, the "no pain no gain" logic has painful limits.

After decades of experience with musical accessories and interaction with musical manufacturers and musicians, I created Volute Service to address the very specific needs of orchestral string instrument player extraordinary community.

Volute Service helps set instruments with the right strings ... and assists musicians with optimizing their sound and movement efficiency.



I like catching light, movement and emotions. Past projects on musicians took me to Bennington Chamber Music Conference, Marlboro Music Festival, ECM artists as well as non-profit organization concerts such as Education Through Music, Music For Food …

For more:


Thank you so much for meeting with me and for literally changing my life in under an hour! I really appreciate the recommendations and also your sincere enthusiasm for what you do.

May 2014 - JoAnna


It was wonderful to meet you! Our session has given me a lot to think about

Nov 2014 – Jacob


The new chinrest, along with the posture exercises we have been working on, has already changed a lot of the tension in my back and shoulders.  I'm really excited to experiment with this free and loose sound that I am developing.

Jan 2015 – Robert


The fitting with you was a truly great experience. I have to express my deepest gratitude to you for enabling this great quest in search of more comfort. It's been inspiring to work with you.

Jan 2015 – Peter


I have already found the changes to be immensely helpful. I will continue to explore and am confident that I am moving in the right direction and am feeling better about my abilities than I have in a while. So thank you so very much for that!!

Dec 2015 – Melissa


I can't thank you enough for all this!  I really was beginning to wonder how long I'd be able to keep playing with all the tension and discomfort. You're a lifesaver!!

Dec 2015 – David


I will not forget our time together: transformative. You rock and roll!!

Jan 2016 – Erik


I can't thank you enough for your kindness, attention, analysis, and recommendations. What you provide certainly transcends custom chinrest fitting, and could be recommended to someone who doesn't even play an instrument!

May 2016 – Paulette


Thanks so much for the great session. You have truly unique skills, and I think every musician would benefit from working with you.

July 2016 – Daniele


Thank you so much for your consultation. It really made a huge impact on my daily practice and quality of life!

June 2017 – Kana

Claire, thank you for the superbly informative and fun session!  My head is still spinning with all of your insights and suggestions!

Sept 2017 – David


It was really a pleasure to work with you, and the session gave me a lot of great things to think about and study in the coming months and years!

Sept 2017 – Rose


I am so grateful to have gone to you and not only learned about posture and body mapping but having been measured for a customized chin rest. It is working beautifully, helping me to not have any excess tension, and bringing out a fuller, more open sound on my viola. Thank you so much for everything as you have significantly assisted in my growth as a violist.

Oct 2017 – James

Thanks so much for all your help. Everything made a lot of sense. It's just a question of my being conscious enough to make some changes and incorporate the new ideas. That isn't always easy, but I'm excited to give it a try.

Dec 2018 - Claudia

Thank you so much! I am still having aha moments as I stand, walk, and shop groceries! This is so very eye opening

Apr 2021 - Christina



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Tel: +1-212-665-2680

PITN Session

     WHO AM I?
  • 20 years of experience with orchestral string instrument accessories (cases, strings). Ex-international field hockey player, now avid amateur violist

  • I am a licensed Body Mapping educator and translated Jennifer Johnson's book "Teaching Body Mapping to children" in French. I am also a Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM), helping correct muscle imbalance.

  • After a playing injury, I found playing freedom and comfort through appropriate set-up and posture correction exploration.

  • Valid study run in 2005 in Utrecht, Netherlands (violinistinbalance), documents the benefits of customized chin and shoulder set-up to accommodate a wide array of players’ body structure

  • Access to affordable customized chinrests ( designed to accommodate all body types while keeping the instrument no higher than needed

  • Can efficiently complement but never replace posture education and correction, Alexander Technique, Body Mapping, Feldenkrais, or other postural training


I am neither an instrument teacher nor a health care provider!

Sessions last 60 to 90mns and are all about a diagnostic of what could contribute to a tension-free playing posture, specifically addressing the chin/shoulder rest set-up. Musicians will have the chance to try various chinrest heights, shapes and positions, shoulder rest options, ergonomic stools while exploring greater movement freedom each may provide.

Sessions may result in:

  • Ordering a customized chinrest => directly through Gary Frisch/, based on fitting realized during the session.

  • Recommendation on other tools facilitating neutral balance exploration.

  • Referral to Performing Arts Medicine (PAMA) Physical Therapists familiar with violinist/violist postural issues, or to Pilates, Alexander, Body Mapping specialists.

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